Learning Centre
We designed these learning centres pro bono for 101 Heroes, a worldwide non-profit organization that believes in the power of education as a tool to uplift families living in poverty. Their mission is to build learning centers, where underprivileged families living in rural villages can access books, computers, and teaching aids.
Pendleton Goldman Learning Centre was designed as a playful 'building block' to be plugged in amongst its neighbours, using elemental shapes and colours to enliven children's imagination.  The coloured steel shutters are designed to shade light, provide security, and serve as storm shutters for the monsoon season. The front facade is inset to create an inhabitable garden space and staircase. 
To donate, please visit: www.101heroes.org
Location: Pulilan, Bulacan, Phillipines
Collaborators: Edwin Santiago, founder of 101 Heroes
Area: 475 sq.ft.
Completed: 2014
Learning Centre #7’s Facade acts as a framing device that is both inhabitable, and utilitarian.  On the front side, the largest blue box is extruded to create a bench, while the other extruded boxes act to shade the windows from direct sunlight on the exterior, and to provide shelving for books on the interior.  Similar to the Pendleton Goldman Learning Centre, this design also employs bright colours to reflect the youthful vibrancy of its inhabitants.  
Location: Mabafweni, Kenya
Collaborators: Edwin Santiago, founder of 101 Heroes
Area: 500 sq.ft.
Completed: Under construction
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