Blank Page Studio 
Located in the heart of Kensington, Blank Page Studio is a space for people dedicated to community building through innovative practices in art, architecture, design, and culture. Studio North, along with visual artists, Daniel J Kirk and Ivan Ostapenko, collaboratively designed and built the studio and formerly shared it with the surrounding community. Designed as a versatile workspace, the studio acts as a hub for local community groups and emerging creative professionals to create, network, and share. The space has the ability to shift and transform to accommodate both individual studios for creative workspace and a common space for community gatherings, events, workshops, concerts, and exhibitions.  
The shifting walls between studios are built using castor wheels, standard studs, and plywood panels, allowing them to act as partitions as well as moveable display and storage space. The “cabinet studios” and sliding walls can expand to allow for more space inside each studio, or collapse to facilitate larger gatherings and events in the common space when the studios are not in use. The common space is kept bright and lively by the clerestory windows and whitewashed plywood walls. 

Location  Kensington, Calgary
Size  1,663sq ft
Collaborators  Daniel J Kirk, Ivan Ostapenko
Status  Complete
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