Hillhurst Laneway House
The Hillhurst laneway house was designed for a growing family that has lived in the same house for two generations. With a small child, aging parents and a busy lifestyle, adding a laneway house to their property is an ideal way to allow the family to grow. For less than buying a condo in the same community, building a laneway house is an affordable and more viable alternative for the grandparents who wish to age in place, live closer to their family, and maintain independence.  For the young family, providing a laneway house for the grandparents will provide assistance with raising their child, and will give them peace of mind knowing that their in-laws are close by.
The laneway house is situated on a corner lot with an east facing porch that addresses the main street. The Laneway house frames an existing south facing garden, while the garage accommodates a rooftop garden accessible from the loft.  To the north of the laneway house, a shared courtyard allows room for family gatherings and activities.
The living space is kept on the main floor in order to eliminate the need for stairs, ensuring accessibility for the grandparents as they age. The linear layout has a central service core that separates public (living, kitchen and dining) and private (bedroom) spaces, and keeps all the utilities consolidated (electrical, plumbing, heating).  There is a small loft space above the service core, where extra headspace is made available through the use of dormer windows.  The roof is vaulted which allows for natural light from the dormers to flood into the main floor kitchen and living space. 

Location  Hillhurst, Calgary
Size  850sq ft
Studio North Project Team  Matthew Kennedy (design & construction management), Mark Erickson (design), Damon Hayes Couture (design), Andrew Choptiany (design), Zaven Titizian (design intern),  Nathan Merrithew (design intern), Brighton Parks (technologist)
Status  Completed 2016

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