Noble is a small bar that reclaims an unused boiler room under The Middle Spoon Desserterie in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The inspiration for this project came from the raw, gritty atmosphere of the old boiler room that once was, still maintaining traces of its subterranean, utilitarian past.  Through the use of materials such as precast concrete, reclaimed barn boards, and perforated steel, our design served to enhance the already rich characteristics of the space.  
Our design rethinks the way that traditional materials are used, employing computer modeling and cnc (computer numerically controlled) fabrication as part of the design process.  The design includes a barfront made of concrete, which has been rendered as a soft, warm surface.

Noble is now open for business.
Click here to read an article in The Coast about Noble

Collaborator: Justin Cormier
Date of Completion: December 2012
Photo Credit: Justin Cormier and Matthew Kennedy

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