Studio North is an interdisciplinary design + build practice established by Matthew Kennedy and Mark Erickson. The Studio North team has been collaborating for the past decade on projects of a variety of scales, from flat pack furniture and public art installations to laneway housing and mountainside hotels. Their work has been featured in a growing number of local and international publications.

At the heart of Studio North’s work is a dedication to the craft of building community. Studio North recognizes that the spaces we inhabit inform the way we live our lives. A thoughtful and engaged approach to the design and construction of these spaces leads to a meaningful outcome that suits the lifestyle of not only the clients, but their family, friends, and neighbours. A Studio North project is a positive contribution to the community and fosters the kinds of experiences and interactions that will enhance quality of life for years to come.

Studio North connects innovative design with hands-on construction by following projects through from the initial ideas to the final finishes. As both the designers and builders, Studio North is able to guide the client through all stages of the process with the confidence that they will have a project that is uniquely tailored to their needs and desires.

Studio North’s strength is founded upon a shared optimism for design’s ability to create better living environments that enrich communities and emphasize the beauty of the landscape. They believe that sensitively designed and well crafted buildings can stimulate big changes in the way we live our lives.