Welcome to Studio North

We are an award-winning design + build practice based in Calgary, Canada with a passion for the craft of building community.

Withrow Laneway House
A laneway house in Parkdale, Calgary
Hillhurst Laneway House
An age-in-place laneway house in Hillhurst, Calgary
Sidewalk Citizen
A new restaurant experience in Calgary's Central Memorial Park
Parlour House
A home renovation that mediates between historic character and contemporary design accents for a bright and vibrant entertaining space
YZ House
A character home renovation and addition that creates bright and multipurpose spaces through the interplay between old and new
Monochrom House
An extensive home renovation that uses the inspiration of black and white photography to create sleek, warm, and open family spaces
The Goodweather
A new typology of multigenerational inner-city housing in Edmonton
Double Gable
A new house and laneway for a large growing family in Hillhurst
Base Camp
A 34 unit hotel in Canmore, Alberta
Bowling Laneway House
A one bedroom laneway house in Crescent Heights, Calgary
Bird Hut
A mountain refuge in Windermere, British Columbia
A compact living renovation and solarium addition in Calgary's inner city
A pair of large scale, digitally-fabricated art/signage installations
Withrow Heritage House
Restoration and renovation of a 1911 heritage house in Parkdale, Calgary
Dining Hall at Ross Creek
An outdoor dining hall in Ross Creek, Nova Scotia
Camp at Cabot Beach
A kids' Camp in Cabot Beach, Prince Edward Island
Aerial Adventure Park
A fully parametric design/build proposal for a site-driven aerial adventure park in northern Alberta
The Lightkeeper
A rainbow machine that responds to seasons and weather to produce evocative light effects on Toronto's waterfront
A platform for nature naps and lake leaps in Bobs Lake, Ontario
Sawtooth Studio
A hybrid artist studio space/garage in Dalhousie, Calgary
Garden Loft
An accessory dwelling in Calgary's historic neighbourhood of Ramsay
Valley Cabin
A cabin in the Columbia Valley, British Columbia
U of T Design-Build
An intensive design-build collaboration between Studio North and senior design students at the University of Toronto
4 Townhouses in North Glenmore, Calgary
Laneway Housing in Calgary
Exploring densification strategies in Calgary's inner suburbs
Music Wall
A custom millwork wall for showcasing and storing multiple instruments and artifacts for a family of musicians
Tunnel Laneway House
A small laneway house in Cliff Bungalow, Calgary
Norfolk Lane House
A small two bedroom Laneway house in Kensington, Calgary.
Rocky Mountain Court
Revitalization of a landmark building in downtown Calgary
Blank Page Studio
Calgary's newest creative space in Kensington
Public Art Installation Scotiabank Nuit Blanche Toronto, Ontario
A renovation project in Calgary's historic neighbourhood of Ramsay
Learning Centres
Volunteer designs for learning centres around the World. Learning Centre 6 - Pulilan, Bulacan, Philippines Learning Centre 7 - Mabafweni, Kenya Learning Centre 12 - Santa Maria, Bulacan, Philippines
2008-2016 Selected works
A multi level playhouse in Edmonton
A space-defining, gridshell structure hung in a bike shop.
Library Shaft
A climbable library situated in an old, industrial elevator shaft.
Bike Trailer
A mobile market stall / public engagement tool
Shadow Series
A series of Architectural Installations in.side.out plane.space.object
Vertical Regionalism - A Pilgrimage
3 Mountain Refuges in Jumbo Creek Valley
2009-2012 Selected Works
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