Rocky Mountain Court Revitalization
There is a well-documented demographic shift occurring throughout North America, including Calgary, where increasing portions of the population are choosing to live in dense urban environments. Rocky Mountain Court, with its unmatched levels of connectivity, rich diversity of amenities, and strategic position within the future redevelopment of downtown, has a great opportunity to absorb this influx of people. All it needs to do is present itself as a unique and active participant in the future of downtown Calgary.
The east side of Calgary’s downtown, as well as nearby East Village, has begun to see major redevelopment in recent years. This redevelopment is increasing the density of residents, workers, and students in the area. Rocky Mountain Court is in an ideal location to exploit the growing interest in investment to its benefit. By focusing on its unique differentiating characteristics and presenting itself in a more dynamic manner, Rocky Mountain Court can position itself as a landmark and destination in the changing urban landscape.

Location  Downtown Calgary
Status  Unbuilt
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