Music Wall
Commissioned by a family of musicians, this millwork wall was designed to house string instruments, books, artifacts, and electronics.  The wall has multiple compartments that are designed specifically for certain items; Some showcase instruments, artifacts and books, and others conceal items such as speakers, amplifiers, and a TV behind doors. The design also incorporates a small set of stairs on wheels that can be pulled out to access higher areas.  The wall drops and continues around a corner to become both a reading nook and bench for the dining table.  
The composition for this millwork wall was made possible through digital modeling and CNC milling.  The box assembly is a monolithic, single unit, rather than multiple boxes attached to each other.  This construction method allowed a lot of freedom to creatively compose the wall, and to make each compartment tailored for its contents.
We also custom designed and built a dining table and bench that is incorporated in to the wrap around built in bench. The intention with the table was to create a family heirloom; a one of a kind table of high quality and craftsmanship that will last for many lifetimes.  The table is crafted using traditional mortise and tenon, lap, and finger joint connections. 
Location: Bridgeland, Calgary
Size: 25' x 9'
Completed: May 2015
Collaborators: Alloy Homes
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