Studio North Furniture
At Studio North, we take pride in creating custom furniture that suits our client's specific needs and lifestyle.  Here are some examples of furniture that we have created.  
If you are interested in working with us to create custom furniture, you can get in touch with us by email:
Nestle Bench
Benches are typically flat, and we wanted to rethink the bench to be more ergonomic and playful.  The curves on the bench not only make an interesting sculptural form, but they hug the body and make it very comfortable to sit in.  the bench legs are designed to collapse, making it easy to transport.
To achieve the complex curvilinear form, we modelled the bench using a 3d modelling program.  We then created components out of baltic birch that were cut on the CNC (computer numerically controlled) mill.  Using the CNC mill to cut the wood, we were able to make very precise, complex shapes.  These components were then assembled and finished by hand. 
The inside profile of the bench is stained with blue, but we can stain it to be any custom colour, or it can be left natural.  
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