Parlour House
Location Hillhurst, Calgary
Size  500 sq. ft
Studio North Project Team  Damon Hayes Couture (design), Fraser MacIver (project management), Breana Chabot (visualization), Hayden Pattullo (photography), Brendan Kane (videography)
Status Completed 2019
The Parlour House blends the historic character of a century-old Sunnyside home with contemporary design elements to create a space that is as unique as it is authentic. With a baby on the way, the clients approached us looking for a more organized and efficient layout that would allow their family to grow, all the while maintaining the charm of the home they had come to know and love. As the designers and builders, Studio North brought a creative approach, an attention to detail, and a knack for sourcing vintage pieces, to create a series of spaces that honour and elevate the original architecture. With a new layout and authentic additions to the space, the Parlour House is sure to be loved for years to come.
Entering the home, you are welcomed into the parlour, an informal room for entertaining guests and sharing time with family. The focal point of the room is the hearth, a cozy wood burning fireplace newly added for everyone to gather around and enjoy the warmth of each other’s company. The mantle and surround incorporate historic details like egg and dart mouldings and a hex tile hearth with inlaid patterns to enclose a modern high efficiency fireplace. As frequent hosts, the clients required a space that would allow them to stash toys away while they had people over. A toy storage bench under the large front yard-facing window serves as a convenient space to tidy up the kids’ mess or cuddle up with a good book.
Moving from the parlour, the new kitchen is both the centre of the home and the clients’ social life. A service chimney, made of salvaged factory brick, divides the parlour from the kitchen, cleanly delineating the spaces while maintaining a sense of openness and flow. The crisp white cabinetry provides ample storage space and is punctuated with for fir boxes for displaying the family’s artifacts and artworks. The island at the heart of the kitchen serves as a gathering area, where the clients spend their time cooking, entertaining, or simply catching up after a day of work. The bespoke kitchen is perfectly tailored to the clients, even the countertops and appliances have been raised to accommodate the clients’ taller-than-average physique. The entry to the powder room, a fir door that was rescued from a neighbouring house slated for demolition, is elegantly incorporated into the millwork contrasting the old with the new. The powder room itself makes use of a dramatic pedestal sink, another vintage find.
As you seamlessly move through the central kitchen and into the open dining space, a set of floor to ceiling factory-style windows and doors fully open up to the backyard deck. The operable windows on either side of the doors create a cross breeze through the house and passively ventilate the space, an especially important consideration in older homes. Most importantly, the windows extend the client’s entertainment space to enjoy those late summer nights spent with good company.
A Testimonial from Tanner "Thank you Studio North for spending time with me in the place where I have some of my happiest moments. We made some nice looking (and tasting) gnocchi; done in a thyme cream sauce, with some super fresh shiitakes (my favourite fungi), as well as some nice crimini (which is actually an immature portobello) mushrooms for good measure. The kitchen that Studio North built for us has been a dream to cook in everyday with beautiful light year around and so many details that make cooking such a pleasure, like above-standard height counter tops to keep my super "leggy" dog Sloane off of the counters. Can't wait to do it again, bon apetit!"
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