The design concept for this small, multi-level playhouse was to have two spaces that were both separate and together simultaneously, finding balance between two material and spatial elements: stone and trees. The arrangement of these two built masses allows for a variety of spaces that each have their own unique character.
The design consists of a lower shelter level clad in stone and insulated, serving as a place for sleep and shelter. The upper level is built of wood; a light, permeable space suspended amongst the surrounding trees. The spaces are tied together vertically with a central ladder used to access the upper level from the portico below.
The design playfully incorporates some of the quintessential elements of a playhouse: fire pole, ladder, bucket pulley, hatch, and swivel door.

Location  Edmonton, Alberta
Size  120sq ft
Collaborators  Alloy Homes
Builder  Rescom Inc.
Photography  Zaven Titizian
Status  Completed 2014
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